P1 Smart Repairs Tires

<div id=”tsFrameContainer” style=”width:100%; position:relative; margin: auto;”>
STEP #1:
– Needs to be included toward the top of the page, some where near to and below the nav/menu.
– TireSeller E-Commerce Tool will be injected into this element.
– Style attribute, with its properties, should remain, for best mobile experience


<script src=’https://wlecomm.tirepros.com/js/microsite-0.2.0.js’>
STEP #2:
– This <script> need to be included just above the closing </body> tag.
STEP #3:
This section must be below the script tag that was pointing to external Javascript for TireSeller
Please refer to the Technical Specifications sheet for further guidance.
– primaryColor: This color will affect buttons, links and selected items as shown below
– secondaryColor: This color will affect icons and other accent items as shown below.
– ctaTextColor: This color will affect button text.
– fontColor: This will affect all the fonts on the site except for the button fonts.
– font: This should be a web safe font. The default font value is set to ‘Arial’
– minimumHeight: This should be a web safe font. The default font value is set to ‘Arial.’
– disableSchedule: Future enhancement/feature. Leave it as true.
container: ‘#tsFrameContainer’,
environmentURL: ‘https://wlecomm.tirepros.com’, /* this is the root URL */
locationId: ‘1467849’, /* locationId for P1+SMART+REPAIRS */
accountId: ‘541007’, /* accountId for P1+SMART+REPAIRS */
primaryColor: “#00358b”,
secondaryColor: “darkorange”,
fontColor: “#434343”,
disableSchedule: true, /* must be set to true */
font: “Times”,
height: ‘auto’, /* must be set to auto */
minimumHeight: 500,
categoryOption: 1, /* do not modify */
ctaTextColor: “white”,
loadingCode: “secret”